Monday, August 29, 2011

My Camping Trip!

Hello everyone! It's Aisha :) 
I'm REALLY sorry I haven't posted in eeyons, not even for AGMA, but sadly, after round 4 I got eliminated. I will share those pictures soon!
So anyway, I went camping over the past few days! here are a few pictures! plus the vlog I made while I was there, please comment and let me know what you think about my vlogging skills :)
this picture is pretty neat... it kind of looks green screened! it was taken on the way to the camp grounds.

these pictures were taken when I first got to the camp site. isn't it beautiful?
I got to spend lots of down time, and get acquainted with charlotte's dear friend scooby doo in the tent! :)

the second day was completely spent at the beach! it was gorgeous :)
this was the *one* beautiful marshmallow I cooked, I'm not a huge fan of them *gasp!*
this was one of our fires! my mum was getting to be an expert at building them!
here is the... poster? for my vlog :) I really hope you enjoy it!


Monday, May 23, 2011

AGMA assign. 3-Movies!

Hey guys, it's Aisha, with picture from my 3rd AGMA assignment!
Boy, let me tell you, this theme was SO FUN to shoot!

the first movie I did, was Horatio Hornblower {It's a tv show... shh...}
I dressed up as, horatio of course!

 The second movie I chose was Star Trek! {also a tv show! shhh!}
I was, well actually just a random girl.

 And my third and final movie was Whip It! Oh my gosh, I love this movie!
I was dressed up as Smashley simpson!

{I love the focus of that last picture!}
Here's the video, Sonali and I had so much fun shooting it!

what are your favourite movies?

-Aisha :)

Blue Hair!

Hey everyone! It's Aisha! and guess what...
Charlotte let me dye my hair BLUE!
Well, not all of it, just a little on both sides. BUT STILL!

Do you like it? I'm super happy!
I think she might also let sonali, and maybe some other dolls dye their hair too, but for now it's JUST ME!

ps. I'm uploading my AGMA assignment picture soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

pretty spring pictures!

Hey everyone!
It's Aisha!
Long time no... see? let's stick with that for now :)
I have an AGMA assignment due on tuesday {which I haven't started... oops!} with the theme 'movies! I'm thinking of doing either Mission Impossible,  Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charade {with Audrey Hepburn!}, or Horatio Hornblower! There are too many awesome movies in the world to decide :P
Today the weather was... meh. Not too great. But if it's slightly overcast, it's supposed to be good for pictures, so here are some pretty pictures :)

Did you notice my new header?
do you liiiike?

-Aisha :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

AGMA Assignment 2! 1980's!

Hey everyone!!
It's Aisha!
And I missed you guys, a lot :(
But here are a few photos from my second assignment for AGMA!
The theme was a year in the 1900's, so obviously I chose the 80's!
Here are a couple pictures:

These first three pics were inspired by Cyndi Lauper!
Here's what I'm wearing-
-Three Mardi Gras necklaces
-LJC pattern trendy tee, sewn by Charlotte
-Skirt sewn by Charlotte
-Taryn's meet boots
-Socks made by Charlotte's mom
-Flower from AGP dessert
-Random hair clips!

 These pictures were accidentally inspired by Michael J Fox, in Back to the future!
Here's what I'm wearing-
-Blue T-shirt from Outdoor Odyssey from the Maplelea Girls
-Red Plaid shirt made by my grandma
-Red vest made by my mom
-Jeans from the School Days outfit
-Blue socks from American Girl socks & tights set
-Red converse from AGP Chicago, 2009

Anyway! I hope you enjoyed my assignment!
Here's the video:
The song's 'Girls just wanna have fun' by Cyndi Lauper :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

AGMA assignment 1 & Crud.

Hey everyone! As promised, here is AGMA, assignment 1!
The theme, red carpet, was actually really fun!
I got to dress up in pure awesomeness outfits, and pose, and all my friends acted as paparazzi!
We used Charlotte's funny little purple film camera she got when she was little, and Bridget got to hold it. She also helped me plan out my outfits! Here they are...
#1- Red Maplelea skirt from the outfit Réveillons Red 
    - Yellow Ruffle shirt, sewn by Charlotte using a Liberty Jane Clothing t-shirt pattern  
    - Kit's christmas outfit's shoes {they're t-strap, and so cute!}
    - and one wacko hairstyle with three clips pulling parts of my bangs over to the right side, with the rest of my hair in a ponytail!

 {taken through the viewfinder of the little camera}
 {Bridget holding the camera}
#2- Vest from Maplelea Girls Jenna's highland outfit
    -Skirt made by Charlotte, no pattern,
    - Orange converse from Maplelea Girls 
    - Hair twisted into sparkly hair clip, and multiple barrettes in my bangs! 
 {and behold our punny red carpet, made out of a napkin!}
 {I especially adore the focus in this picture}
So far, AGMA is really fun! I really hope I get to continue to the next round!
Here is the video I submitted:
The song is 'Combat Baby' by Metric, an amazing Canadian Band!
Anyway... I'm sorry about my conscience taking over that last post. And I'm sorry it drove one of you to unfollowing me, but I'm sure I deserve it. Thank you to all my other 22 followers though!
And about the guitar hunt... I had no luck. At All. Man, it's tough finding a good guitar for an affordable price! Gosh!
Thanks for listening to me rant... :)

Ps! If you want your blog to be on the 'my pals' list >>>, please email me your blog link at and I will consider adding you! Thanks! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarcasm, Sorry, Hamlet, Band, AGMA, and pathetic post title.

Hey guys! It's Aisha...
I know what you all must be thinking
Aisha is so diabolical! Finally her life gets interesting, and then BAM! She disappears. Just like that. What an a-hole! {pardon my language there, but I'm positive that's what you're thinking...}
but... it's not like that.
My life, all of a sudden, has gotten majorly busy.
I've been in a production of Hamlet, and rehearsals were, like, every day after school.
Jeez... thanks for telling us... video taping it... getting us all EXCITED...
Yeah, well, for your information, I did video tape it. So quit it with the complaining. Just watch...
I was Ophelia. MAN does that girl have issues...
Chrissa was Hamlet {and was incredible}
Whoa, whoa, whoa... what are we missing here? Last time you posted, your were hate hate hating Chrissa... what's going on here?
Hmm. I guess I wasn't really mad at her... but she was kind of getting on my nerves... I mean, I did lend her my boots, my dress AND my tights {Chrissa is SUCH a tomboy, she owns no party clothes whatsoever, so Charlotte bullied me into lending her some stuff...}. I was kind of just frustrated about Sonali dissing my outfit... and my music choice... and didn't really care who felt my wrath.
Hello... excuse me? What about that band??? What a cliffhanger!
Well, you know what? They like me. And, I'm in their band. Bridget and I are going guitar shopping this week {because... it's march break here!}. I'll make sure to show you some pictures!
Alright. We forgive you. For now...
Thanks, guys.
Watch it! We SAID... for now. Which means, IF you don't post those pictures of your guitar, or even tell us you had no luck finding one, your only follower will be Charlotte.
Sorry, Aisha, you can actually count me out too... 
Pressure much? Whatever... let's hope I remember these things...

Oh yeah! How could I forget! I'm in season 4 of AGMA!!!
Okay, first the hamlet, then the band, and now THIS?? We're seriously considering un-following you.
Oh please no! I just found out a couple of days ago!!! I'll make sure to post pictures from every assignment. Speaking of which... my first assignment is due on march 20th. It's red carpet. That's a problem, seeing as I don't really care about little things like red carpet events... and have not clue what people wear.
Aisha, you MORON. People wear fancy dresses... nice shirts... you know?
No. Actually, I don't know.
What, do you live under a rock or something??? 
Actually, yes.
That was sarcasm, right?
We're calling child services. It's seriously bad parenting if your parents are keeping you under ro-

I hope you have a great march break... {so you don't get confused... insert extremely SARCASTIC voice}
Aisha.. it's not our march break... it's yours! 
WHATEVER. Just be happy I'm back.

{and when I get back later this week, I better still have all those 23 followers...}
{don't count on it.}
{Shuddup! This post is supposed to be over!}